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I’m not buying a new Coat Rack

Written by Sean Wallbridge. Posted in Awesome, Family, itgroove , MVP, Rants, Victoria

Well, the coat rack in our office is full…

In fact, it has been pretty overloaded since the new year. But then I went away on vacation and didn’t really feel like blogging about a coat rack…

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am today, waiting at home for an electrician that I suspect will not be showing up (sigh… pretty ironic that I’m writing a post that is talking about doing the right thing, focusing on delivering good service and I have the time to write it because someone else can’t make a commitment).

image thumb4 Im not buying a new Coat Rack

So what’s the Deal with the Coat Rack?

Here’s the thing. I turned #42 in February which, according to the Hitchhikers guide to the Universe is the Meaning of Life. (And, wouldn’t you know it, 42 is also my favourite number).

Coincidentally, the business just turned 10 and we now have 10 full time staff, which is about all I can handle or remember the names of. It feels right. For our city, for our office space, for my stress level and well, it’s all our coat rack can handle as well.

So what’s the plan now Buttercup?

While I reserve the right to change my mind, at this point in time, everything I am focusing itgroove on now is all about being stronger, not bigger.

  1. I’m not buying another coat rack
  2. Continue to laser our focus on Doing the Right Thing and Doing that Thing Right
  3. Take on interesting projects and clients … but only those that are a fit. A customer taught me once to separate ourselves from the bottom 10% of our clientele in order to make room for clients that were a better fit. It was good advice.  (Ironically, we employed the technique on her first… icon wink Im not buying a new Coat Rack
  4. Keep building the team (stronger, not bigger). I realized some time ago that I’m more of a team builder than a businessman. And I’m AOK with that. We’ve built an amazing team here, chock a block full of rock stars. My focus now is to continue to challenge them to be great consultants, hopefully inspire a little, but most importantly … to keep the team intact.  For our customers (but also for each other).

And my Personal Focus?

Regarding my own happiness, around owning a business, I often recite the story of the Mexican Fisherman when people ask. Sometimes I have to remind myself about it too, just to regain focus. Here’s one version of it:

I never set out to build a business. I set out to “not work for someone else again” and to have fun doing what I was doing. It was some scary shit at first.  Fast forward to today and sometimes it is rewarding, other times it isn’t. But as I love to learn new things, I can tell you without word of a lie, that in the last 10 years I have learned more about business, people and myself, than I did in the first 32 years of my life. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

And what’s my point?

Spoiler Alert!  Urm, I’m not sure I have one… 

I suppose I set out to note that I get a lot of pressure from various sources and people constantly telling me that I should be growing my business, and “if you aren’t growing you are dying” , etc.  So I suppose I’m just reminding/documenting for myself to stay the course … seems to be working so far. I don’t need to be rich, I just want to have a rich life.

Alas, if you are looking for a quote, here’s my current favourite… Work Hard.  Vacation Harder.


By the way, the electrician still isn’t here…

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Another Happy Customer–BCAAFC

Written by Sean Wallbridge. Posted in itgroove, SBS, SharePoint , Victoria, Victoria

It’s hard being an IT guy sometimes (I won’t whimper or explain why but trust that It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Anyways, when someone says something nice about your team and your work, you should share it – or at a minimum, I’m GOING to share it.  So good job Rob and team!


I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I and the BCAAFC appreciate your and the ITGroove team’s efforts in assisting us in our upgrade.

From the beginning, your team demonstrated to us a willingness to be a full partner by working hard to ensure that our hardware, software and budget requirements were all met prior to the migration.

While all upgrades are challenging, this one, in particular, combined several different phases ranging from hardware and software planning, hardware installation and set up, and finally migrating an almost obsolete version of Small Business Server to the most current version using a state of the art migration tool.

This was not a simple multi phase transition but you and the rest of the ITGroove team worked diligently to ensure the migration was done in an orderly, safe and successful fashion.

In the end, although a lot of hours were put in to implement the plan, our users and their data were successfully migrated to the new hardware and Operating System software. Except for a few minor anticipated user issues after the install, the migration itself was almost entirely transparent to our users in relation to the recapture of their data and their ability to continue using the same methodologies to access programs and web site information.

Please forward this letter of thanks to your fellow team members and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts. Feel free to use this letter as a letter of recommendation to any existing or potential customers you may have in the future.

I will be moving on to my pre-BCAAFC status as of this coming Friday but I am sure ITGroove’s partnership with the BCAAFC will continue for quite a while based on the excellent work your team continues to deliver to this company.

Best of luck in your and ITGroove’s future endeavours

Neal Lithwick | Information Technology 
BC Association Aboriginal Friendship Centres