Killing them softly with OneNote…

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Bambi killing them softly with OneNote

OneNote rocks my world.  And I rock my wife’s world.

Well, er, more to the point, I’m trying to rock Wendy’s world.  Wendy hates technology.  But she’s coming along.  I’ve already got her in OneNote planning our trip to Ontario and she even sends me the odd link to a page that she is working on.  Progress is slow, but there is progress…

Yesterday I decided to try and bag the big one.  The weekly grocery shopping list. 

SharePoint Search – No Results after really long crawls–currently blaming and shaming SP1 and CRL checks

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I had a customer this week that had:

  • SharePoint 2013 Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012

Prior to applying Service Pack 1, Search was working without a hitch for the most part.  However, shortly after applying service pack 1 (SP1), the customer started reporting that SharePoint Crawls, whether they were full with incremental, or using continuous crawl, would go from taking minutes to run, to running for 18+ hours and yield zero results (no successes, no warnings, no fruit whatsoever).  More frustrating was that initial troubleshooting efforts would not yield any clues in Windows Event Logs or ULS/Diagnostic Logging.

I want the blues – Die Event ID 1111 Die!

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Printer Redirection Errors are lazy


I’ve written about this before, in regards to having clear (anal retentive much?) event logs and the technique was different in Windows Server 2008 R2 and earlier. I just can’t stand having to ignore a bunch of red critical errors, especially when they aren’t critical – and more importantly, I don’t think people should learn to ignore the red – Never Cry Wolf and all that, you know?

The technique in Windows Server 2012 is a little different (well, okay, this was supported in 2008 R2 as well but we just never did it that way typically I suppose…)

IISReset for the Sneaky SharePoint Admin

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First off a disclaimer. In a production SharePoint environment, of course you shouldn’t perform an IISRESET/system reset when users are connected. Buuuuutttttt, in those instances where you are in a jam, or the system is in testing or you’re feeling brazen, I’m just saying you “coullldddd” consider the following… Winking smile